Staying calm under pressure

One or two-day workshop

In this workshop you learn to use a simple tool which turns discomfort, doubt and insecurity to peace, clarity and strength.

As human beings we tend to turn away from stress and emotions which we perceive as uncomfortable. Consequently, we don’t deal with the underlying causes of our problems thus making them reappear again and again. In reality this discomfort is our most potent fuel when we need to take action and find peace and clarity. By learning to embrace our discomfort we empower ourselves to meet change, adversity and conflicts with strength and integrity.

Your emotions are a resource – use them!

A simple tool

We all encounter stressful challenges in life. Our quality of life and ability to reach our goals depend on having the inner strength to meet those challenges without losing ourselves. That is what you learn in this workshop!

You learn to use a simple method consisting of a series of questions which inquire into the real cause of the discomfort you experience. This empowers you to press the pause button when you’re triggered or upset and brings you peace, clarity and access to new powerful ways of taking action.

The questions explore the four areas which are key to responding appropriately in the situation:

  1. FACTS: What happened?
  2. INTERPRETATION: What does it mean (about you)? The actual cause of our discomfort is often the meaning we ascribe to events. What do you think is happening?
  3. EMOTIONS: What do you feel? Strong emotions can seem overwhelming. Not until we have the courage to fully feel them do we find the strength to contain them.
  4. IDENTITY: Is that you? When emotions and thoughts overwhelm us it’s because we identify with them. To be able to take action in new and constructive ways we need to separate what is happening from who we are.
The facilitators

I offer this workshop with Ernest Holm Svendsen who is author of the bestseller How to end the stories that screw up your life, an INLPTA Certified Master Coach and a certified facilitator of The Work by Byron Katie. You can read more about Ernest on his website The art of being human.

If you would like to learn more about the workshop or have any questions, please do get in touch.