Change starts from within

A life fully lived doesn’t require special talents or great achievements. It requires courage. Not heroic courage or bravery but the courage to be yourself and participate fully – also when there is a risk of failing or standing alone.

If you want change, I can help you to:

  • gain clarity (your goal)
  • avoid letting fear hold you back from taking action (your courage)
  • find your strengths (your foundation)
  • give space to your passion and what interest you (your drive)
  • become aware of your intention (your compass)
  • abandon “the disease to please” (your integrity)
  • let go of the stories you tell yourself, which don’t serve you (your inner peace)
  • communicate clearly (your honesty)

A session begins with taking a closer look at the specific situations where you experience being stuck. Inquiring into these situations we uncover the underlying emotions, beliefs and ways of reacting, that are the cause of the frustrations and problems that appear in your life. You learn to use simple, yet powerful tools which enables you to be the space for the thoughts and emotions that arise within you so you’re no longer controlled by them. This way you empower yourself to act in new ways that weren’t possible before.

And that creates real change!

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If you just want to explore where you are and what your next step needs to be, then book a 30 minutes free exploration call by Skype, get in touch by e-mail or phone.

Sessions by Skype

Sessions by Skype or other video link last 1 hour. If you want book a session, get in touch by e-mail or phone.


After four sessions with Annette, I was able to price my work based on the value it creates. In addition, I gained access to a sharpened sense of presence in my work and life, by being more present in my body instead of mainly living in my head.

Berte Fischer-Hansen
Film director

Annette’s life experiences and study give her a unique ability to help one steer through life’s personal challenges. I have benefited greatly from her council, and can unequivocally say that Annette walks the talk. I unreservedly recommend Annette.

Steve Butt
Deputy Manager

Annette asked me to do the most difficult thing: To fully feel the painful emotions within me and stay with them… It was terrifying. But somehow, I became stronger and happier through facing my vulnerability. The sessions with Annette gave me the strength to take the plunge and live the life I had dreamt about for too long.

Catrine Werchmeister
Writer, language teacher, future engineer

Annette is a great listener and great at helping you discover and acknowledge your blind spots and inner barriers.

Bjarne Nielsen
Strategy and leadership consultant

Annette has a presence in which you feel comfortable opening up about the difficult things. Her questions gently enable you to explore new ways of dealing with the challenges you face. I highly recommend Annette.

Loïc Vecchio
Body therapist
Annette is an extremely competent job adviser. I give Annette my highest recommendations.
Michael Bjerring
Senior Management Executive

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare,
it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.

— Seneca