The Journey To Me

Finding freedom in the awkward realities of existence

Travelling solo more than 33,000 miles by motorcycle taught me to perceive the unknown as endless possibilities instead of danger.

“On many occasions in my life I’ve arrived at a point where I’ve thought: is this it? Whenever I reached a goal, it was with the unspoken expectation that when this has been achieved then my life will be great. It didn’t happen.”

At the age of thirty-one I quit my job as a lawyer in Denmark, sold my belongings and travelled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to fulfill a childhood dream: to ride a motorcycle.

THE JOURNEY TO ME is about the my solo motorcycle journey through Latin America and my search for freedom. It describes the lessons I learned living my dream and my realization that in every experience there was something familiar: myself.

THE JOURNEY TO ME is currently only available in Danish, however, an excerpt in English is available here.

A captivating and life-affirming story
– Review in Din Boganmelder

There is something to think about when you’ve read the book
– Review in Bogsyn