I’m a certified facilitator of the Living Inquiries. I grew up in Denmark and hold a Master of Laws from Aarhus University in Denmark, a Master of European Intellectual Property Law from Stockholm University in Sweden and I co-authored “Handbook on Danish Copyright Law” (only available in Danish).

For 7 years I worked as a lawyer. I worked as a policy maker in the Cabinet Office of the Danish Ministry for Business and Growth, as legal counsel for a rights management organization and as an associate with one of Denmark’s top law firms. Yet, despite my success and achievements as a lawyer I never felt fulfilled. Adding the emotional turmoil of a divorce to my unfulfilled state of mind was the final straw. I had just had it with the life I was leading, being successful on the outside but utterly empty on the inside.

So I decided to quit my job, sell most of my belongings and make my childhood dream of riding a motorcycle come true. I took unpaid employment in a motorcycle repair shop in Buenos Aires, Argentina to learn the art of motorcycle maintenance and bought my very first motorcycle – a six year old BMW F 650 GS Dakar.

From Buenos Aires I embarked on a 53,000 km (33,000 miles) solo motorcycle journey to New York.

However, I quickly discovered that no matter where I was there was something I recognised: Myself. Or rather – I recognised the thoughts, feelings and ways of reacting to challenges which made me stuck in the same type of conflicts and nagging dissatisfaction I had experienced at home even though I was thousands of miles from the daily grind living my wildest dream.

It was only when I became aware of my limiting beliefs and behaviours and was willing to feel the feelings I believed I couldn’t hold that I experienced a real change in my life – a change that didn’t depend on the external circumstances of my life being a certain way.

In 2016 my book ‘The Journey to Me – Finding Freedom in the Awkward Realities of Existence’ was published by the publishing house ‘Informations Forlag’ in Denmark. Currently, the book is only available in Danish, however, an excerpt in English is available by clicking here.