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The topics I speak about are the ones I have struggled with the most
in my life. It’s what I know about and what I can put into words.

I give talks in English or Danish. If you need more information or have
any questions, please don’t hesitate to write me an email:

INSECURITY – The way to strength

There’s only one starting point for your life: Here and now. This means that if you feel insecure, then that’s your starting point now. Unfortunately, most of us make the mistake of believing that the feeling of insecurity is wrong, something that shouldn’t be there, or something that we have to fix or get rid of before we can take action and live the life we dream of.

But that just isn’t so.

Instead of using some – or sometimes most – of our energy trying to fight, what already is, we can learn to use it as a way to reconnect with the strength within that we mistakenly think we lack.

In this talk I give you a new perspective on our common beliefs about what it means to be strong and I give you my take on how you can use the feeling of insecurity as the direct way to reconnect with the strength you already have within.

You will learn:

  • how to spot what makes you feel insecure (and it’s never what you think it is)
  • use some simple, yet effective tools to respond to challenging situations or people, and
  • to reconnect with the strength, you already have within.

CONFLICT – The way to developing better relationships

There is only one conflict, which plays itself out in infinite ways: our conflict with and resistance to our present moment experience – a conflict and a resistance which we experience as varying degrees of discomfort.

As long as we are unable to give space to and fully contain this inner discomfort, to a large extent our actions are governed by an unconscious attempt to avoid feeling it. This is, for example, what happens in conflict when we make a hurtful comment to some else and shortly after regret it. The remark slipped out because we wanted to push away the person, we perceived to be the cause of our discomfort, instead of trying to resolve the outer conflict.

The first step out of any conflict is therefore a temporary shift in focus from the outer conflict situation to the inner resistance. A shift that we could call “to press the pause button”. When we press the pause button, we give ourselves the chance to become aware of the thoughts, feelings and physical sensations in our body which make it difficult – and sometimes impossible – to perceive the outer situation clearly and respond appropriately.

In this talk I give you my take on how conflicts can be a way to improve our relationship both in the workplace and privately and I give you some simple, yet effective tools which help you respond – instead of react – in conflict situations.

You will learn:

  • how to press the pause button
  • how give space to and contain your discomfort so you can respond appropriately in conflict situations, and
  • how develop better relationships.
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