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Are you an artist or work in the creative industries?


Are you looking for coaching or advice on career, challenges, mental blockages, negotiations, cooperation etc.?


Then I can help you:

  • discover new opportunities and get the courage to act on them
  • overcome mental blockages
  • respond instead of react in situations that would normally trigger you
  • become a better negotiator
  • create mutually fruitful partnerships

I’m the author of two books and know from experience the challenges of the creative process (the battles you fight with yourself) as well as the challenges in cooperating with the people who are financing one’s projects. At the same time, I have a background as a lawyer specialized in IP-rights – mainly copyright law – which has provided me with a in-depth understanding of the legal and financial framework within which both artists/creative professionals and their collaborators, e.g. publishing houses, film production companies, record labels, operate.

The creative industries

My clients for this type of coaching and advising are people working in the creative industries, e.g. actors, architects, artists, authors, composers, designers, editors, film directors, film producers, graphic designers, illustrators, musicians, photographers, painters and other visual artists, singers, song writers, speakers, writers.

Preliminary talk

If you would like a free preliminary talk about your specific challenges, please do get in touch!

You can choose between sessions by Skype and in person.

Coaching in person takes place at Nørre Voldgade 21, 5th floor, 1358 Copenhagen (opposite Nørreport Station).