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Resilience is not the ability to control the outside circumstances,
but the ability to consciously choose how to respond – and not react – to them.

Would you like more resilience in everyday life?


Do you often end up with the same type of problems?


Are you willing to look into the patterns that prevent you from creating real change in your life?


Here’s how I can help you to:

  • respond instead of react in situations that would normally trigger you
  • discover new opportunities and get the courage to act on them
  • set boundaries as a yes to yourself, not a pushing away of others
  • communicate better
  • create better relationships.


New opportunities, better decisions and lasting change

The aim of our conversations is to strengthen your ability to respond – and not react – to the challenges you meet. This makes you resilient, strengthen your ability to lead yourself (and others) and discover new opportunities. In our conversations, we address the root cause of the issues and challenges you face and you learn new ways of responding to challenges in stead of operating on autopilot. This reconnects you with the strength within you and empowers you to make better decisions, act with integrity and create lasting change.


What we fear most is never other people or challenging situations. What we fear is experiencing the discomfort and pain within ourselves.

By becoming aware of and giving space to the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that arise within you, you get to know their temporary nature. They arise and fall away – if you let them. And this way you become aware of that which isn’t temporary – an inner strength and stillness – that is always present no matter what happens.

The more aware you become of this inner strength and stillness, the less overwhelmed you will be by your fleeting thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. And when you’re no longer overwhelmed by what arises within you, you will no longer be overwhelmed by what happens to you. This makes you resilient and empowers you to act in ways that weren’t possible before.

What does a session look like?

A session starts with you telling me about the specific situations where you experience being stuck or lack resilience. By taking a closer look at these situations we uncover the underlying beliefs and ways of reacting, that are the real cause of the frustrations and problems that keep reappearing in your life. You learn to use some simple, yet powerful tools which enables you to be the space for the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that arise within you so you’re no longer controlled by them.

Your reactions and emotions provide valuable insights, giving you the opportunity to build resilience by  creating a space for them. You develop the ability to make sound decisions and respond appropriately which then leads to authentic and lasting change.

It is crucial that you experience the value of the tools in the process. This means that it will be easier use them afterwards because you will know from experience that they work.

Free preliminary talk

If you would like a free preliminary talk about your specific challenges, please do get in touch!


You can choose between sessions by Skype and in person.


Coaching in person takes place at Nørre Voldgade 21, 5th floor, 1358 Copenhagen (opposite Nørreport Station).

There are two core fears: losing what you have, and not getting what you want. The solution? Falling in love with where you are…
— Jeff Foster