We all have the strength within us
to create authentic and lasting change

No matter what challenge I have faced through the years, I’ve come to realise – without exception – that when I’m no longer overwhelmed by what arises within me, I will no longer be overwhelmed by what happens to me.

Sharing this insight and experience is something I’m very passionate about, because it empowers people to make good decisions and act with integrity, when it is realised and experienced directly. This is my goal as a coach, adviser, speaker and author.

I hold a Master of Laws from Aarhus University, a Masters of European Intellectual Property Law from Stockholm University and have co-authored “Handbook on Danish Copyright Law” (only available in Danish).

In 2006, after having worked for 7 years both in the public and private sector as a lawyer, I decided to quit my job as an associate with a law firm in Copenhagen. I had reached the goals I had set for myself but on the inside, I still felt unfulfilled. Instead, I chose to travel far away from the awkward realities of everyday life in search of another way of living.

First stop was Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I made a childhood dream of riding a motorcycle come true. I took unpaid employment in a motorcycle repair shop to learn the art of motorcycle maintenance and bought my very first motorcycle – a six years

old BMW F 650 GS Dakar. After eight months in the repair shop I embarked on a 15 months solo motorcycle journey through the Americas.

While living my wildest dreams, far away from my everyday life in Denmark, it didn’t take long before I discovered that I was literally stuck – with myself.

Despite having effectively removed myself from my usual surroundings, I found that I had the same type of problems and nagging sense of unfulfillment on my motorcycle journey as at home. I realized that it wasn’t my surroundings and the situations I found myself in that were the cause of my problems and inner insecurity but the way I responding to them. Slowly I began to reconnect with the inner, unshakable strength that we all have and which empowers us create authentic and lasting change – no matter where we are and what we do.

Through the experiences I’ve gained and the research I’ve done, I’ve developed simple, yet effective tools that I use in my life and that I share through my coaching, advising and speaking.

In 2016, I had my book “The Journey to Me – Finding Freedom in the Awkward Realities of Existence” published by Informations Forlag in Denmark. At this time, the book is only available in Danish, however, an excerpt in English is available by following the link below.