The key to change lies in the acceptance of what is.

What I’m passionate about:

I’m passionate about inspiring and helping people set themselves free from their limiting beliefs and behaviours, thus empowering themselves to create the change they want.

What I have found:

It’s been my experience that the key to change lies in the acceptance of what is. That is, the thoughts and feelings within us right here and right now. When we refrain from trying to get rid of them, we set ourselves free to act in new ways that weren’t possible before. And that creates real change!

Where I come from:

I’m a Danish lawyer by training and have worked both in the public and private sector before deciding to make a childhood dream of riding a motorcycle come true. Not because I wanted it to change anything or be a means for me to reach a end. It was the activity itself – riding the bike – that was the goal, no matter where it took me.

Eight months after getting my motorcycle license, I left my job at a law office in Copenhagen in Denmark, moved to Buenos Aires in Argentina and took unpaid work at a motorcycle workshop in order to learn the art of motorcycle maintenance. I still remember standing in front of the motorcycle shop on my first day with the feeling that it had always been a part of the plan.

In Buenos Aires I bought my very first motorcycle and after eight months in the repair shop I embarked on a 33,000 miles and 15 months solo motorcycle journey from Buenos Aires to New York.

It was this outer and inner journey that taught me that my inability to be consciously aware of my thoughts and feelings – without trying to soothe or control them – had been the root cause of the external turmoil and internal dissatisfaction in my life thus far. And that I actually held the key myself to the life I wanted to live.

My book:

I’m the author of “The Journey to Me – Finding Freedom in the Awkward Realities of Existence” published by Informations Forlag in Denmark. At this time, the book is only available in Danish, however, an excerpt in English is available here.