We all have the strength within us to face adversity, change and conflict without losing ourselves

During the past 11 years, I have radically changed the way I live and have helped many people through coaching, private conversations and facilitations and talks in both Denmark, the US and Canada.

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about how we find the strength to meet adversity and conflict in life because I didn’t used to feel that I had it in myself. When, at the age of 30, I reached the point where I had tried almost everything to find this strength outside of myself, I embarked on a long inner (and outer) journey.

In 2006, after having worked for 7 years both in the public and private sector as a lawyer, I decided to quit my job as an associate with a law firm in Copenhagen. I had reached the goals I had set for myself but on the inside, I still felt unfulfilled. Instead I chose to travel to far away from the awkward realities of everyday life to find another way of living.

First stop was Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I made a childhood dream of riding a motorcycle come true. I took unpaid employment in a motorcycle repair shop to learn the art of motorcycle maintenance and bought my very first motorcycle – a six years old BMW F 650 GS Dakar.

After eight months in the repair shop I embarked on a 15 months solo motorcycle journey through the Americas.

While living my wildest dreams, far away from my everyday life in Denmark, it didn’t take long before I discovered that I was literally stuck – with myself.

Despite having effectively removed myself from my usual surroundings, I found that I had the same type of problems and nagging sense of unfulfillment on my motorcycle journey as at home. I realized that it wasn’t my surroundings and the situations I found myself in that were the cause of my problems and inner insecurity but the way I responding to them. And slowly I began to reconnect with the inner, unshakable strength that we all have and which empowers us to meet adversity, change and conflict without losing ourselves.

Through the experiences I’ve gained, I have over time be able to develop into simple, yet effective tools that I use in my life and in my coaching.

In 2006 I had my book “The Journey to Me – Finding Freedom in the Awkward Realities of Existence” published by Informations Forlag in Denmark. At this time, the book is only available in Danish.