Change and strength is the consequence of being willing
to make mistakes and learn from them.

What I have found:

I believe that what often keep us from living a life with passion and purpose, is not our external circumstances, but the fear of not being good enough.

It’s been my experience that this fear will not be silenced (at least not for long) by fancy titles, great achievements or the acknowledgement from others.

I have discovered that when I have the courage to show up, participate and contribute despite this fear, I make a difference for others.

What I’m passionate about:

I’m an adviser, coach, speaker and author of the book The journey to me – On finding freedom in the awkward realities of existence. I’m passionate about helping people use their skills, passion and unique point of view for a purpose greater than themselves.

Where I come from:

I hold a Masters of Laws from Aarhus University in Denmark. After having worked for 7 years in the public and private sector as a lawyer, I embarked on a 53,000 km solo motorcycle journey from Buenos Aires to New York, which changed the way I live – from trying to fit in and having the right stuff to following my passion and using my skills and abilities to help others. The fear of not being good enough still shows up from time to time but now it’s only allowed to sit in the backseat – not the driver’s seat!